About us

The Wabasso Rabbits Stream, created in 2018 by Nicholas Irlbeck, is a division of Wabasso Public Schools (Independent School District #640).

We provide a free live streaming service of the ISD640 school district activities for the members of our community members by running advertisements of our local businesses.

While we are live streaming an athletic or school event, we display thumbnails and videos (advertisements) of our sponsors' businesses during timeouts, in-between games, during halftime, and more!

"Bringing School Events to the Comfort of Your Home"

Meet the staff

  • Nicholas Irlbeck - Stream Administrator (Bookkeeper, Scheduler, Marketing, Advertisements, and Stream Operations.)

  • Kendra Krause - Stream Tech

  • Kylee Fogelson - Stream Tech

Contact Information

Phone: 507.342.5114

Fax: 507.342.5203

Website: stream.isd640.org

Email: stream@isd640.org

Wabasso Rabbits Stream

1333 May Street

P.O. Box 69

Wabasso, MN 56293-0069