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The Wabasso Rabbits Stream, created in 2018 by Nicholas Irlbeck, is a division of Wabasso Public Schools (Independent School District #640).

We provide FREE live streaming of the district events and activities for the members of our community and family around the world by running advertisements. With the help of a sponsorship donation from you, we can keep our service going.

The $50.00 that is collected will promote your business by having your logo (and/or video) shown during live streamed events. The money collected helps us with the operating expenses for upgrading equipment for the best service, paying our workers, and best of all – keeping our service free for the community.


* Fall - Football and Volleyball

* Winter - Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Wrestling, and Dance Team.

* Spring - Baseball and Softball

Contact us With Questions, Payment, or Design:

Wabasso Rabbits Stream

1333 May Street

P.O. Box 69

Wabasso, MN 56293-0069

Phone: 507.342.5114

Fax: 507.342.5203




  • Thumbnails can be your existing Business Cards or Newspaper Ads.

  • Preferred size: 1128 px by 762 px

  • We can also make a design for you if you would like for free! Just send us all of the information you would like on your thumbnail.

  • You may ALSO send in a video commercial for us to show.

We are looking forward to your reply!! Thank You! 😊

Online Application/renewal forms

Paper Application/renewal forms

Please Mail (P.O. Box 69, Wabasso, MN 56293), Scan/E-mail (, or Fax (507.342.5203) Application.

If you are having troubles filling out of accessing any of the forms, please e-mail us at