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Wabasso Rabbits Stream, created in 2018 by Nicholas Irlbeck, is a division of Wabasso Public Schools (Independent School District #640). 

We provide FREE live streaming of the ISD 640 events and activities for the members of our community and family around the world by running advertisements for our local businesses. With the help of a sponsorship donation from you, we can keep our service going. 

The $75.00 that is collected will promote your business by having your logo (and/or video advertisement) shown during timeouts, in-between games, and during halftime of live streamed events. The money collected helps us with the operating expenses for upgrading equipment for the best service, paying our workers, and best of all – keeping our service free for the community.



*    General - Band & Choir Concerts, Meet the Rabbits, Homecoming/Snow Week Coronation, Veterans Day Program, Prom Grand March, Graduation.

*    Fall - Football and Volleyball.

*    Winter - Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Wrestling, and Dance Team.

*    Spring - Baseball and Softball.

Contact us With Questions, Payment, or Design:

Wabasso Rabbits Stream

1333 May Street

P.O. Box 69

Wabasso, MN 56293-0069

Phone: 507.342.5114

Fax: 507.342.5203




We are looking forward to your reply!! Thank You! 😊

Online Application/renewal forms

Paper Application/renewal forms

Please Mail (P.O. Box 69, Wabasso, MN 56293), Scan/E-mail (, or Fax (507.342.5203) Application.


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